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Let’s Talk Property

Here are a series of video interviews, designed to educate and empower you.

Following the journey of ‘real life’ development projects, this is your opportunity to get insights from experienced Property Developers that you would normally not have access to. Amongst the turning of soil and kicking of dirt, are some genuine pearls of wisdom.

So when you are looking for some inspiration, motivation and education, pull up a armchair and enjoy the journey.

Note: These videos are not for public distribution and are copyright to WOW Property Women

Disclaimer: These videos are NOT to be perceived as advice and we recommend that you always seek your own independent and professional council.

Timing in and Out of the Market

(4min 35secs)

Interview with Don Moffat

Residential Subdivision Nambour

(13mins 54 secs)

Interview with Leon Weber & Peter Moriarty

Getting into due diligence

(15mins 51 secs)

Interview with Leon Weber & Peter Moriarty

Sales Forecast ‘Northern Views Estate’

(28mins 38secs)

Interview with Michael Barr

Minor Changes to D.A.

(24mins 36 secs) 

Interview with Leon Weber & Peter Moriarty explaining how well thought out MINOR changes can produce MAJOR uplift to the GRV.

Post-Lodgement Discussions with Council

(9mins 30 secs) 

While a Pre-Lodgement meeting with council is recommended, sometimes you also need a Post-Lodgement meeting in order to achieve certain outcomes.