WOW Property Women

Our Vision

We aim to add great value to the lives of women in the area of wealth creation through property development by providing the tools, training and opportunities that support their own personal Property Journey.

For a weekly subscription of $24.00 you gain access to the tools & insights needed to perform thorough property research.

1. Pricefinder – Australia Wide. Pricefinder is a leading edge platform that collects property data from multiple sources including property ownership, property zoning, title information, over 30 years of sales history and real-time auction results.

2. Links – to various websites providing further information to help your research. Used with Pricefinder, you will turbo charge your chances of finding ‘On or Off Market’ property opportunities.

3. Interviews – a library of insightful video interviews conducted with various experts in the Property Development Industry. Developers, Lawyers, Accountants, Town Planners, Surveyors, Civils, etc.

For a 12 month subscription of $25.00 per month, you gain access to:

Interviews – a continually updated and relevant library of video interviews that follow the property journey of several developments, including interviews with various experts in the Property Development Industry. Developers, Lawyers, Accountants, Town Planners, Surveyors, Civils, etc. These insights from behind the scenes of ‘real deals’ are absolute gems.

Our Vision

Through WOW Meetups and Facebook updates, we will present highly skilled and credible speakers who impart wisdom, knowledge and skills relating to property development and investing, creating a culture that supports women who are looking to create their own independent wealth, while being a part of a collaborative.

Sunshine Coast Meetup
Brisbane Meetup

Inspirational Community Benefits

  1. Being mentored by women who lead extraordinary lives
  2. Presenting credible and renowned guest speakers 

  3. Sharing unique & secured opportunities
  4. Accountability & partnership opportunities
  5. In house group dynamics of learning 
through a group mastermind process

Personal Benefits

  1. Open up the mind to what can be possible through inspirational examples
  2. Provided with an environment to explore opportunities & discover potential
  3. To be motivated and lift knowledge to a whole new level and experience
  4. Enable leverage through insights, affiliates, power think tanks and referrals
  5. Guided to define a strategic Blue Print with deliverable outcomes

Private Facebook Group

We have a closed group for WOW Property Women who are SERIOUS about Property Investing and Development. Taking part in sharing experiences and opportunities, these exclusive posts and videos can help turbo charge you on your property journey.