Armchair Investors

The WOW Group DNA is to Develop, Leverage and Diversify.

Armchair Property Development is an investment strategy that we use, which allows an investor or investors to joint venture with a property developer, and share the development profits. It enables the investor to reap the rewards of property development by leveraging the expertise, time, money and contacts of an experienced property developer.

Armchair Developers understand the true value of leveraging from the experience and knowledge of the developer. It is the perfect solution for people who are time-poor, have the will to be a developer but not the knowledge or who hold a full time job. We have used this strategy on many of our developments including The Ivy – Picnic Point.

Prior to the development project commencing it is essential that we have undertaken thorough comprehensive research about the area in which we are to co-develop in – the demographics, amenities, infrastructure, council regulations, flooding, capital growth, rental returns, organising permits, obtaining approvals and much more.

And of course property development requires not just money, but experience, expertise and most of all time. It is about having the capacity to manage those involved in the development (architects, surveyors, engineers, builders, council etc) and managing the processes. We make sure we have a voice and are a significant part of the decision making process while following a specific risk mitigation criteria.

This requires knowledge about the sequence in which things have to happen. Timing and time are critical to the success of any development project.

In general our members:
• Are Time-poor: many of our investors are business owners or busy professionals who spend a lot of time and energy in their workplace.
• Are financially literate and comfortable evaluating complex Information Memorandums.
• Are NOT seeking financial advice. Indeed, we have a “No Advice” model and only provide factual information to investors so that they may evaluate the project on it’s own merits.
• This person is happy to invest “passively”, while receiving regular updates as the development project progresses.

We are able to offer higher yields to those investors, who chose the Armchair Development path.